The Collective by New World Normal

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ~Rumi

Resilience | Intention | Abundance

Providing comfort & connection in a bat-sh!t crazy world!

What are we up to?

We are bringing together collaborative and cooperative humans who are committed to being the best version of themselves. Exploring personal growth, full-being wellness and intentional lifestyle so that we can all feel more empowered to design a life aligned with our values. Enabling us to navigate life with more certainty and less overwhelm, no matter what the news cycle throws at us. 

Our community members are ready to step beyond what no longer serves them. They are questioning their standard ways of operating; their "shoulds" and "musts", and building better ways of being. They are getting intentional about their goals and dreams; living life with more purpose and joy.

New World Normal is on a mission to make good intentions go viral. 

Won't you join us?

but, Why Me and Why a Community?

We know that when we work on ourselves, we are better able to manage our reactions and responses to the world around us and the people in it. We can move from a mindset of the world is out of control to a mindset that the world is complicated but I am working every day to be part of the solutions that make it better.

The time for waiting for the "other person" or our leaders to change is long gone. We must be proactive and take personal responsibility for creating the world we want to live in.

Communities provide a source of social-connectedness and a sense of belonging. Surrounding yourself with people on a similar path or with similar goals improves your odds of success. Making it easier to keep the commitments you make with yourself and your community. Ultimately, communities give people a supportive group to help them cope with difficult challenges, band together to solve problems, and celebrate wins and good times.

How it will work?

More Benefits

  • Networking!! Every meeting you will have an opportunity to connect with other community members. As well as a dedicated space inside the community for collaboration and promoting your offers.
  • Discounts on New World Intention Merchandise, future products and services. As well as affiliate earning opportunities.
  • All of this and more built with care on a network away from the noise and distraction of Facebook & Instagram. You will decide how your feed works not Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Charitable - A portion of all membership dues and merchandise sold is given to charitable organizations and also to a NWN scholarship fund
  • Currently signing up Founding Members who will have discounted dues and input on the topics explored
  • Coming soon: Downloadable resources, phone wallpapers, guided meditations and micro courses!!
  • Coming soon: Retreats/Summits (In-Person and Virtual), Group Programs and Courses.

New World Normal is about questioning our norms. It's about turning off the auto-pilot of life and getting intentional about our time and resources. The Collective provides a group of co-conspirators on your path to a more empowered existence.

2020 gave me the of time and space to get quiet, to get reflective and to get intentional! After some trial and error I discovered a framework, a path if you will, that led me to discover my life's purpose. Although, not everyone's path will be the same, I believe that so many of the tools and strategies to find the next step on your very own path are universal and can be shared. As a certified Life Coach I am excited to help people discover the routines and rituals that will reveal their path; their purpose, passion and joy! I look forward to connecting with you in The Collective. ~Debbie

Please join us in our mission to make our