The Collective by New World Normal

A network for people who want to create & embrace impactful change in their lives and in the world.

Are you a change-agent or  change-adverse?

We live in an ever-changing world. In some ways it's changing way too quickly and other ways not changing fast enough!!

Our lives are also full of change and transition, some of this change is welcomed, expected and even desired.  Even expected and desired change can be challenging to navigate.... and sometimes we are hit with change that is both unwanted and beyond our control.

Some of us are eager for change, facing it head-on and full-force….alone. Some of us are totally change-adverse and busy trying to run the other way or pull the blankets over our heads, believing we can wish it all away. Sometimes, we are both the change-agent and the change-adverse. And most of us have been told–even raised–to believe that we have to do it all alone. Pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. Face the storm on our own. Get. It. Done. 

In The Collective, we believe that learning to navigate, embrace and create the change you want is key to feeling and being more empowered. And we believe in doing this together, supported, and, as our name suggests, with the collective power of us.

Whether you are a change-agent, change-adverse or both you will find connection and support in The Collective. We are working together to create impactful change in our own lives and in the world around us.

In an ever-changing world full of uncertainties and stressors we spend quite a bit of time outside our comfort zone, but if change forces us out of your comfort zone without a clearly defined intention, we're bound to get stuck in the fear zone.

To successfully navigate change we need to develop resilience, so that we can better care for ourselves, and our nervous system when pushed from our comfort zone.

When we are able create desired change we can leave our comfort and fear zones with intention.

To create impactful change in our lives and in the world around us we need radical intention and aligned action.

The Collective by NWN is a network of communities and programs to support women who want to improve their relationship with change, to be more empowered and to create a life of purpose & joy.

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." 

...and GROWTH is CHANGE. 

The Collective by NWN is for you if…

  • You have ever felt overwhelmed by the laundry list of expectations you have created for yourself - or that others have placed on you
  • You’re living life on auto-pilot
  • You have ever felt abused by the news cycle. 
  • You feel disconnected from what you really want in life.
  • You love your life, and know you have a lot to be grateful for AND you also feel that there is more out there for you.
  • You have or want to have a growth mindset.
  • You want to "be the change" you want to see in the world, but you're not sure how to start or where to find the time.
  • You have read all the personal development books, but stop short of actually integrating any of the concepts into your day-to-day life.
  • You have ever felt in need of an Existential Doula.
  • You want to have a positive impact on the world around you.
  • You want to connect with others who are working to positively impact the world.
  • You are a questioner or disrupter.
  • You are a people-pleaser and rule-follower
  • You have or are currently experiencing a life transition (lost job, new job, empty-nester, divorce, marriage)

No matter where you are in your relationship with change; from arch enemies to BFFs, there is a New World Normal Community to support you on your journey of growth.

Interested, but don't feel like reading? Let's hop on a call!! Book Here

Are you just starting to question normal? Curious how cultural systems and societal expectations are affecting your day to day life? or maybe you've been a questioner and disrupter from way back?

Check out the New World Normal Podcast Discussion Lounge . Using NWN Podcast episodes as a catalyst for conversation, we gather and talk about big ideas and new ways of being.  (This free space is currently under construction, but you are welcome to join during the construction phase)

Are you ready to start nurturing your resilience

In the NWN Free Activities Portal you will have free access live workshops on a variety of personal development and wellness topics; as well as seasonal Book Clubs and Pop-up Challenges to support your growth journey. All events are free to attend live. (replays of workshops available in the Aligned AF Club)

Are you ready to get serious, prioritize doing the work to show up in life as the most authentic version of YOU and create the life of your dreams? 

Run don't walk to the Aligned AF Club!! This space is for values-driven humans who are ready to turn off life's auto-pilot, question all their "shoulds" and 'have-tos" and reconnect to what they really-really (cue the Spice Girls) want from life and go for it!! To get the most out of this group you need to commit to showing up regularly for yourself (and our live zoom meetings)

What is included in the Aligned AF Club: 

  • This premium community space is where the magic happens. It's where the long-term progress is made. It's Radical Intention + Aligned Action = Impactful Change
  • Weekly Dream & Plan Sundays - This live gathering every week is perfect to set your intentions and plan out the week ahead. Whether you are time-blocking your schedule, updating your to-do list, journaling about the week ahead or all of  the above it's a great way to feel more empowered as you move into a new week. There is also time to reflect on the prior week, share wins and also shout out any goals you want some accountability around.
  • New Moon Intention Setting - This is a monthly live gathering harnessing the power of the new moon to get really dreamy, and contemplate some of our bigger long-term goals. We will do a super-easy and effective new moon ritual to help keep you moving towards your dream life.
  • Reflect and Write - Also live on zoom monthly. This is a gathering for the people who love to journal, or those who want to love journaling but struggle with a consistent practice. Let's get together and write and reflect!! Prompts provided, or you can use your New Moon Intentions, or come with your own, and share.
  • The Collective Presents Workshop Library - As a member of Aligned AF you have access to all of the past workshops in The Collective Presents series - there are currently over 15 workshops for you to peruse at your leisure, or plan a watch party with another member.

Are you ready for a 90-Day Commitment to putting yourself on the top of your to-do list?

Radical Intention for Radical Transformation is a 90-day hybrid coaching program where you are guided and supported through a framework to help you reconnect to your inner-knowing and get clear on what you really (really) want in life. The program is delivered cohort style and consists of (3) 1:1 coaching sessions, Weekly Live Group Q&A, Recorded Material, Workbook, Exercises & Resources.

I have a few spots left for the first cohort on September 11 - join the waitlist today, and get access to early bird specials and bonus material. Join Waitlist

Have questions about how this all works, and which space is right for you?

Schedule a call!! Let's talk about how The Collective and I can best support you and your goals. I promise no high pressure sales-tactics...just connection and clarity. Schedule Here.

More Benefits of The Collective by New World Normal

  • Networking!! Every meeting you will have an opportunity to connect with other community members. As well as a dedicated space inside the community for collaboration and promoting your offers.
  • All of this and more built with care on a network away from the noise and distraction of Facebook, Instagram TikTok or whatever platform has your attention today. You will decide how your feed works, not Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Currently signing up Founding Members who will have discounted dues and input on the topics explored
  • Coming soon: Downloadable resources, phone wallpapers and guided meditations!!
  • Coming soon: Retreats/Summits (In-Person and Virtual), Group Programs and Courses.

Why a community?

Communities provide a source of social-connectedness and a sense of belonging. Surrounding yourself with people on a similar path or with similar goals improves your odds of success. Communities make it easier to keep the commitments you make with yourself and your community. Ultimately, communities give people a supportive group to help them cope with difficult challenges, band together to solve problems, and celebrate wins and good times. We believe there is no individual liberation without collective liberation.

Ready to sign up?

Scroll to the bottom or click the "Choose a Plan" button. Select the plan that best fits your needs and follow the prompts to sign up. There are individual plans, bundled plans and of course, the whole enchilada in the I Want It All Plan

Need more info?

As clear as I tried to make it, I know you may still have questions. I am a firm believer that communication (and landing pages) are an art form not a science. So if you have questions, please don't hesitate to book a FREE call with me, so I can help you decide if and how The Collective by NWN can best support you. I promise no high-pressured sales tactics. Schedule a call today!

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing (them)self. ~ Leo Tolstoy

New World Normal is about questioning our societal norms. It's about turning off the auto-pilot of life and getting intentional about our time and resources. The Collective provides a group of co-conspirators on your path to a more empowered existence.

We are providing comfort & connection in a bat-sh!t crazy world!

Then what happened?!? Well. I got quiet, I got reflective and then I got intentional (it really is the key to so much)! After some trial and error I discovered a framework, a path through and forward if you will, that led me to discover my life's purpose. Although not everyone's path will be the same, I believe that many of the tools and strategies to find the next step on your very own path are universal and can be shared. As a certified Life Coach I am excited to help people discover the routines and rituals that will reveal their path; their purpose, passion and joy! I look forward to connecting with you in The Collective. ~Debbie

Please join us in our mission to make our